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Re: [Linux-aus] Can Linux Australia survive?

To be honest I was also surprised when I first heard the idea of LCA2006
being in New Zealand (and the far end of NZ at that).  Now that I've met
the organizers and seen how well it's coming along I think it will be a
great show.  The venue is good, the location beautiful, and most
importantly they have an energetic and committed team.

LCA is different things to many people.  For some of our audience, it's
a major feature that it's in a uniquely beautiful part of the world that
they might not otherwise visit.  For others, any out of state travel
will be a real stretch, and they'll just have to wait until it's nearby.

I would be happy to see LCA return to somewhere near Sydney or Melbourne
next year.  I wouldn't mind it going to say Alice Springs in a couple of
years, but I'd like it closer to home in between.  Let's migrate, but
not into more-and-more distant locations every year.

Of course LA can only pick from the teams that bid.  Perhaps there can
be more transparency[*] next year about what cities have bid, and which
was selected and why?  If you want LCA to be in a particular location
the best thing is to get together a team in that city.

([*] Perhaps there was previously and I just missed it?)