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Re: [Linux-aus] Can Linux Australia survive?

Bret Busby wrote:

There are the different aspects of this issue, the first being the holding of a "Linux Australia" conference, overseas, and, the second,

I am new here (american working in Brisbane), and I don't know much of LA's past or dealings, only what I learned in Canberra.

From an outsiders perspective, it does seem odd that Linux _Australia_, would have a Linux conference in a different country. It would be a bit like Linux Canada holding a Linux Canada conference in the US or the Bahamas. Does it really make sense? Doesn't New Zealand have their own Linux New Zealand organization? Is it Linux Commonwealth? What kind of message does this send to organizations looking to help to promote Linux in _Australia_?

Everyone whom I have told this to, including non geek types that don't know anything about Linux, thinks this seems a bit odd, and raises a lot of eyebrows.

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