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Re: [Linux-aus] Can Linux Australia survive?

On Fri, Jul 01, 2005 at 11:08:38AM +0800, Bret Busby wrote:
> A great many people, in Western Australia, and, no doubt, in other 
> states, have voiced concern at members of the various levels of 
> government, going overseas on trips that have sometimes been regarded as 
> holidays at their constituents' expense, and, in this context, the 
> propriety of both using the funds of Linux Australia for paying for the 
> overseas travel, and, of the decision making, in deciding that the 
> conference should be held overseas, when the conference being held 
> overseas, appears to involve paid overseas travel for those involved in 
> making the decision, is worthy of examination.

Actually you should re-examine how the decision was reached before you
commit further slander.

> Perhaps, if the committee is serious and genuine, about the issue of the 

The reason that I, and a lot of other people, ignore most of what you say
is that it is obvious you are neither serious nor genuine.

If you were you would have attended a Linux.Conf.Au - in fact, the
conference was held in Perth and you did not bother to show up. No
explanation, no reason, just lots of whining.

Since then you have proceeded to whine about everything; I perceive
this as a case of sour grapes that you did not go to the conference.

> I have seen mailing lists which are about far more informal topics, and 
> which are not oriented around either the operations of an incorporated 
> organisation, or the promotion of a product or a concept, conducted and 
> administered, far more tightly and professionally, and with more 
> maturity and dignity, than this list.

I would say that the best thing this list could do would be to remove
you from it; your posts are offensive, tiresome and repeative.

Generally, rather than waste my time writing to this list - where you
might pipe up and say something pointless as usual - I'll write directly
to the people in question.

You are one of the major causes that Linux Australia, and this mailing
list, does not work as well as it could in my opinion. 

A serious and genuine Bret Busby would remove himself - as he is such 
a large obsticle to useful and effective debate - from this mailing list.

You are stifling the Linux community in Australia.

> So, I say that Linux Australia needs to clean up its act, become more 
> mature, and become a bit more professional and dignified, and, 

And I say that Bret Busby should do the same.

Then perhaps you'll be able to accomplish something useful.