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Re: [Linux-aus] Can Linux Australia survive?

Anand Kumria wrote:
A serious and genuine Bret Busby would remove himself - as he is such a large obsticle to useful and effective debate - from this mailing list.
You are stifling the Linux community in Australia.

Woah! Bret, quick hire yourself out to Microsoft; there's big bucks to be made stifling the Linux community, I hear.

Can we chill a bit? There's more to the Linux community in Australia than this list, and even within a list it's not really that hard to cope with the occassional ornery poster.

Likewise, Bret, if you could tone down the accusations so you're not misinterpreted as making allegations of fraud or otherwise libellous statements that'd probably be helpful.


Anthony Towns <secretary@linux.org.au>
Secretary, Linux Australia Inc