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Re: [Linux-aus] Can Linux Australia survive?

On Sun, 2005-07-03 at 18:39, Lorn Potter wrote:
> You guys all seem to be ignoring the fact that Linux Australia is 
> staging a conference in a different country, and more than one person 
> questions this.
> I don't see how anyone can think that having LCA in NZ can actually be 
> "helping the Australian Linux Community" at all. You are helping New 
> Zealands Linux community, which is fine. Did you ever think it may 
> actually be hurting Linux Australia to do this?

Lorn if you go back through the postings last year when NZ was announced
as first a candidate and then the next host, I think you will find that
the majority have accepted the decision and are looking forward to it.
Yes some would have rathered the conference happened in Broome but the
Broome bid team weren't prepared enough.

Yes more than one person is questioning the decision, so far it appears
to be two on this list, yourself and Bret and as far as I can see that
the only thing that would make Bret happy is a complete reversal of the
decision to send the Conference to Dunedine and return it to Perth.

I am not trying to put down your input or belittle anything that Bret
has had to say, you are both well within your rights to express your
opinion, however I would urge the both of you to accept the decision for
next year as it does not appear about to change unless the NZ team
decides to pull out. Instead if you care so much about the direction of
LA, the next time the elections come round put yourself up for election,
let the membership decide. Who knows you might win and then you will be
able to steer the good ship LA.
James Purser
Skype: purserj1977