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Re: [Linux-aus] Can Linux Australia survive?

James Purser wrote:
On Sun, 2005-07-03 at 18:39, Lorn Potter wrote:
You guys all seem to be ignoring the fact that Linux Australia is staging a conference in a different country, and more than one person questions this.

I don't see how anyone can think that having LCA in NZ can actually be "helping the Australian Linux Community" at all. You are helping New Zealands Linux community, which is fine. Did you ever think it may actually be hurting Linux Australia to do this?

* NZ and AUS are so very close (physically, culturally) its almost the same. Without trying to annoy either side of the sea, lets all be friends and share. LCA attracts some of the top speakers, it may be hard to get them to coe to two conferences in close physical proximity twice a year. *shrug*

* If you're really broke, and can't afford to fly interstate to an LCA, then you're only likely to attend the LCA in your own state.

* Interstate and NZ flights are in the same order of magnitude. ($400 return Syd <-> Wellington, $800 Per <-> Wellington, compared to $700 Per <-> Sydney)

* Perth people going to LCA have the most amount of pain to put up with; they always have the longest and most expensive flights to get to LCA, except for 2003 when it was in Perth. So unless you're in Perth, you can't complain for distance or price reasons.

* People who can afford to fly (themselves or their employer paying, doesn't matter) now have a really good excuse to also take a few extra days and have a HOLIDAY in a wonderful country. Its an EXCUSE to go somewhere new. I'd never been to Queensland before LCA2002. I love the opportunity to go somewhere new, and NZ is a lovely place to go. Its a legitimate TAX expense to attend a technical conference. Talk to an accountant!

Still hiding in London since LCA2003 + 1 day.

* None of you are invited to attend our honeymoon on Hamilton Island, but heck, what a great venue for a tax break^H^H^H... sorry, an LCA! :)
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