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Re: [Linux-aus] Can Linux Australia survive?

On Sunday 03 July 2005 16:59, James Purser wrote:
> Yes some would have rathered the conference happened in Broome but
> the Broome bid team weren't prepared enough. 

It's Broome. What's to prepare? (-:

Seriously, I'd love to have a conference in Broome, just before or just 
after the silly season ends. Evening presentations on the beach, that 
kind of thing.

Even somewhere like Monkey Mia would be... different. We would 
completely nuke the accomodation in Denham and Monkey Mia about five 
times over, and broadband connectivity would be "interesting" to 
arrange. Likewise for Uluru/Ayer's Rock (only I think they can 
accomodate a few hundred). Cairns would be great, just before 
Christmas. All the mangoes you can wallow in. (-:

But it'll be a few years yet.

Wait until we start recycling capital cities, or get serious complaints 
about not enough tickets to the conf (calls for a split), then I'll get 
genuinely serious about Broome. Broome is a workable venue, and 
interesting for the novelty, but not nearly as easy/straightforward as 
a capital city, and no university to do the hosting. We'd need a bit 
more momentum before trying it. Perhaps one of the DarLUG people would 
like to comment on the feasibility of a conference in serious crocodile 

It would be good to have a tradition of never (or never quite) having a 
conference in the same place twice. The New South Welshmen can have it 
in Orange or Newcastle instead of Sydney.

Cheers; Leon

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