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Re: [Linux-aus] Can Linux Australia survive?

Lorn Potter said:
> Which is why I am speaking up for those non vocal people and those whose
> views are being ignored and disregarded because they aren't in the
> "majority".
> I really don't care how many people agree with me or not.

Hi Lorn,

I guess to reiterate what was buried somewhere else in this thread - the
people who make the decisions do need to hear from people who may think
differently. i.e. if they don't speak up, their views can't be
represented.  If there is a significant group of LA members who think LCA
in NZ isn't a good idea, I don't think they've spoken up.

LCA moving to Dunedin for one year isn't a big deal - it'll be back the
following year.  Not everyone is able to make every LCA for whatever
reason (and it gives new people the chance to come along).  Personally, I
missed Sydney and Brisbane, but I'll be there in 2006.

michael at msdavies dot net