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Re: [Linux-aus] Can Linux Australia survive?

<quote who="Lorn Potter">

> David Lloyd wrote:
> > Then you tell the members what Linux Australia should be doing in
> > strident, black and white, dictatorial terms - even though by any
> > reasonable person's definition of minority, you're in the minority.
> I am mearly pointing out what the Charter says. If you don't like it, or
> LA can't abide by it's own charter then I suggest it be changed.

Keep in mind that a few people have pointed out reasons why LCA in NZ will
benefit the Australian community, and that the vast majority of the list and
membership has accepted this interesting/controversial/fun spin on things as
a good idea for LCA (particularly given the other proposals for 2006). :-)

Lorn, you've made your point, and you've been given sensible, polite answers
to your questions. Unfortunately, it is too late for this discussion to have
any reasonable impact - we discussed it months ago, and the organisation of
the conference is already underway. Thanks for raising it - please don't get
the impression that it wasn't considered when the decision was made (and
when it was discussed on list).

- Jeff

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