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Re: [Linux-aus] Can Linux Australia survive?

Horms wrote:
No, that is not the point, which is likely why you will never be able to
let this one go. The point is, does LA assising hosting LCA in NZ
contrivine its mantra to help the Australian Linux community. If you can
argue that it does, then you have a point. But I think that it is
readily apparent that an LCA in NZ, an LCA whose organisation is well
underway and shows no signs of being other than a success, will benifit
not only the New Zealand Linux community, but the Australian one too. Directly
through Australians attending the conference, and indirectly through
fostering greater interest in Linux in the region.

The thing is taking place in New Zealand, correct? New Zealand and Australia are not the same country, correct? Thus - LCA is incorrect.

It utterly amazing that no one seems to be able to admit this simple truth.

-- Lorn 'ljp' Potter Trolltech Qtopia Community Manager irc.freenode.net #qtopia http://qtopia.net