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Re: [Linux-aus] Can Linux Australia survive?

<quote who="Lorn Potter">

> *sigh*.
> The thing is taking place in New Zealand, correct? New Zealand and
> Australia are not the same country, correct? Thus - LCA is incorrect.
> It utterly amazing that no one seems to be able to admit this simple
> truth.

I think if you go back through the thread, you'll find that many of the
people who've responded to your emails have quite readily admitted and
understood that the conference brand name, "linux.conf.au", is somehow
incongruent with the planned location of the conference in 2006. However,
"linux.conf.au" is a well-recognised brand name, and everyone involved
accepted this wild and crazy notion as a bloody awesome idea, with good
outcomes for Linux Australia, its members, the future of the conference,
*and* the community in New Zealand.

Please stop stamping your foot like a child and get with the programme! I'd
suggest to you that this is an enormous amount of energy wasted on an issue
that is already very firmly decided and extremely unlikely to change, and
that you may be able to get out without permanent damage to your reputation
if you do so now. You may want to consider what you have to gain from this
discussion. It's certainly not enlightenment of other people on the list, as
they're very clearly aware of the issues.

- Jeff

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