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Re: [Linux-aus] Can Linux Australia survive?

On Mon, 2005-07-04 at 07:37 +1000, James Purser wrote:
> As I said before if you don't like the way that LA is going stand for
> election at the next elections.

as secretary of a small LUG in Darwin I know just how hard a few
committed people end up working for the good of the many. It can be
particularly annoying after all that good will and hard work to have a
few people shout from the sidelines "but I think you should have  ...."
after the fact.

If you can do it better then-do-it and run for election next time round,
jump on that "burnout" treadmill <grin>, in the meantime support your LA
make current events a success whether you agree entirely with their
direction or not. 

The idea is to make LA a success and raise the profile of free and open
source software, a round of internal squabbling doesn't help anyone.
Everyone has stated their views, the arguments have been considered and
the decisions have been made - time to move on ...

I think NZ is a great idea and living in Darwin the cost is not that
much different from attending anywhere in Oz. It may be slightly more of
a risk - but there is one way to find out if it will work - and so far
all the indicators point to it being a success.

Being involved in the library world I have seen a lot of really cool
software come out of NZ recently, greenstone & koha to name a couple.
Why not give our NZ brethren a chance to show us what they can do?

Good luck to all the committee members & everyone else preparing the NZ
LCA - I'm sure it will rock !!


Mr Anthony Hornby RHCE BIT ALIATEC
Library Systems & Technology Coordinator
Charles Darwin University | CRICOS 300K
anthony.hornby@cdu.edu.au | office +61 8 89 466011