[Linux-aus] Should Linux Australia change its name to Open Source Australia?

Mark Walkom markwalkom at gmail.com
Sun Dec 24 17:52:24 AEDT 2017

Let me give one that's relevant to Australia and IT;
SAGE-AU was all but dead a few years back. Long did we argue why, but the
name was definitively restricting us from gaining new members. We know this
because we had people actively leaving because they were no long sysadmins,
or actively ignoring us because they weren't sysadmins despite being IT
professionals - which was the intended target community. SAGE-AU realised
that the industry had changed and the traditional sysadmin position had
evolved with it, and renamed to stay relevant. ITPA is now much larger than
it was when said change happened. They also have a newly formed, and
strong, future providing IT certification, plus due to their history they
also have the resources and weight to be able to actively influence the
evolving IT ecosystem in AU via multiple means.

The broader IT community is changing, business is changing, open source has
and will be forever changing. Unless we do the same, we'll definitely have
a lovely little pocket of the Australian open source world with a few
conferences (of super awesome quality) to bring in funds that we can do
some good with. But that's about it. Maybe that's enough for some? Given
the reported numbers, it looks like others would like to have a future with
LA actively existing and leveraging the successes of the past to build a
bigger, better and more inclusive future.

(I'm not saying OSA is the best option, the OSIA/OSA confusion is well
worth considering. And to be frank, so would OSIA merging with LA.)

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> Reminds me of an episode of Bar Rescue a few years back...
> Old owner, great well known name, great patronage
> Old Owner sells to New Owner
> New Owner changes name
> 12 months on in dire straits
> Johnny Tapper changes name back to Original name (and few minor changes -
> not one of his all in reno eps tho)
> Patronage soaring again 6 months on
> So much so New Owner changed name back to his.
> 6 months on bar nearly empty
> 6 more months on bar closed
> I'll be voting no, like last time, and the time .....
> If you want a new organisation to represent open source, start it up
> yourself rather than try piggy back of LA's success.
> Merry Christmas y'all
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