[Linux-aus] Grant request: Contribution to Senate voting source code FOI request review.

Michael Cordover la at mjec.net
Fri Jul 11 09:33:54 EST 2014

On 11 July 2014 00:15, Andrew Donnellan <ajdlinux at gmail.com> wrote:

>  I'm not sure the AEC knew quite what they were getting themselves into...

I'd be surprised if they did - I certainly had no idea of quite how big
this would get!

> Will be interesting to see what their response is to the Senate order -
> I'll be very surprised if they don't try to claim public interest immunity.

 Agreed. There's a long history of refusing to table documents on the
grounds that they are commercial-in-confidence and I don't see the AEC
suddenly rolling over on that claim.

I'll keep fighting through the courts, hopefully the fight will continue in
the Senate, and we'll see what ends up with a result.

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