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Luke Martinez me at luke.asia
Wed Nov 6 00:43:42 EST 2013

Yes, I clearly did send that email too early. Sorry.

However saying that "oh but one woman may or may not have had it worse at
some point" is no justification.

I can not find any instances of women being harrassed on a mailing list,
unless you count what Linus did in july of this year [1] as harrassment.
And yes, i did look through Geek-womanism.



On Wed, Nov 6, 2013 at 12:13 AM, Paul Wayper <paulway at mabula.net> wrote:

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> On 05/11/13 21:20, Luke Martinez wrote:
> >> This, and much much worse, has happened
> > to women in IT.
> >
> > Show me one instance of a woman being publicly shamed because she has a
> > different opinion about policy on a IT Mailing List.  Most mailing lists
> > are public & have records so i'm sure you can show me... oh.. you can't?
> >
> > This faux anecdotal evidence BS is just that, BS. THIS is what has
> > happened, it's not justifiable just because you can come up with some
> > fairyland situation in which a woman is publicly shamed for having a
> > different opinion on a policy.
> >
> > Seriously.  "oh but in my imagination im SUUUUUREEE its happened to
> > women toooo" is horrible justifcation.
> Dear Luke,
> Perhaps you would like to do the research yourself?
> After all, the Geek Feminism Wiki has lots of documented cases of women
> being harrassed in public forums.  The CLUG list has had a number of
> similar
> incidents.  And I've personally seen this kind of sexist treatment of women
> at CLUG meetings.
> I'm disappointed that you feel this one thing deserves sarcasm and outright
> dismissal because you personally can't think of an example.  I had hoped
> you
> would realise that denigrating people on the Linux Australia list for
> disagreeing with you doesn't help prove anything.
> Hope this helps,
> Paul
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