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Paul Wayper paulway at mabula.net
Wed Nov 6 00:13:22 EST 2013

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On 05/11/13 21:20, Luke Martinez wrote:
>> This, and much much worse, has happened
> to women in IT.
> Show me one instance of a woman being publicly shamed because she has a 
> different opinion about policy on a IT Mailing List.  Most mailing lists
> are public & have records so i'm sure you can show me... oh.. you can't?
> This faux anecdotal evidence BS is just that, BS. THIS is what has
> happened, it's not justifiable just because you can come up with some
> fairyland situation in which a woman is publicly shamed for having a
> different opinion on a policy.
> Seriously.  "oh but in my imagination im SUUUUUREEE its happened to
> women toooo" is horrible justifcation.

Dear Luke,

Perhaps you would like to do the research yourself?

After all, the Geek Feminism Wiki has lots of documented cases of women
being harrassed in public forums.  The CLUG list has had a number of similar
incidents.  And I've personally seen this kind of sexist treatment of women
at CLUG meetings.

I'm disappointed that you feel this one thing deserves sarcasm and outright
dismissal because you personally can't think of an example.  I had hoped you
would realise that denigrating people on the Linux Australia list for
disagreeing with you doesn't help prove anything.

Hope this helps,

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