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Jessica Smith jessica at itgrrl.com
Wed Nov 6 00:28:33 EST 2013

On Tue, Nov 5, 2013 at 9:20 PM, Luke Martinez <me at luke.asia> wrote:

>This, and much much worse, has happened
> to women in IT.
> Show me one instance of a woman being publicly shamed because she has a
> different opinion about policy on a IT Mailing List.  Most mailing lists
> are public & have records so i'm sure you can show me... oh.. you can't?
> This faux anecdotal evidence BS is just that, BS. THIS is what has
> happened, it's not justifiable just because you can come up with some
> fairyland situation in which a woman is publicly shamed for having a
> different opinion on a policy.
> Seriously.  "oh but in my imagination im SUUUUUREEE its happened to women
> toooo" is horrible justifcation.

Luke, I'm sure this won't meet your exceedingly narrow terms of reference
for 'acceptable' evidence, but for others playing along at home...


As before, a few minutes on your search engine of choice will yield many
reports of incidents that demonstrate that yes, indeed, it is exceedingly
common for women to be targeted routinely with extreme responses for the
multiple crimes of being female, having opinions, and daring to share them

Yes, I know. You call BS on 'anecdotal evidence'. I note from previous
rants that you're also not too keen on engaging with actual research papers
with actual data in them, preferring to dismiss them as being biased
(without bothering to present countering evidence) because they support the
argument being made, to wit:

the closest thing to evidence that was being cited was the _clearly_ biased
> finallyfeminism and geek feminism wikia. (Yea... of course websites that
> are pro-your-opinion are going to say things that are pro-your-opinion...
> That's a given.)

Yes, because everyone cites information that contradicts the argument
they're making in the hope of proving their case, right? *eyeroll*


P.S. Just writing this and preparing to hit send, I have a knot in my
stomach in anticipation of the possibility of a dumping of disproportionate
vitriol in response. In this instance I choose to "feel the fear and do it
anyway", because all too often silencing tactics work. If you've never had
that anxiety-making feeling when about to fire off a fairly innocuous
email, consider yourself lucky. (Or, as those pesky feminists would say,
"privileged".)   ;-)
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