[Linux-aus] What happened at the SGM?

Jeff Waugh jdub at bethesignal.org
Fri Sep 9 11:07:59 EST 2011

On Wed, Sep 7, 2011 at 17:59, David Newall <davidn at davidnewall.com> wrote:

> On 05/09/11 21:57, Mike Carden wrote:
> > I am very surprised though that the nay-sayer voices were utterly
> > silent at the meeting. Not even a single negative proxy vote. Nothing.
> Were there any nay-sayers apart, some might argue, from me?  I wasn't
> there because travel to Sydney to oppose a change that apparently met
> with (near) universal approval would have been pointless.  More
> relevant, I opposed the documentation, or lack of it, not specifically
> the change.    Had there been a way to give my proxy to somebody who
> would have exercised it the way I wanted, I would have done so, but
> there wasn't.  Like Mike, I, too was surprised.

You couldn't travel to Sydney, but you didn't turn up on IRC? Did you even
watch the stream?

Did you actually talk to anyone about holding a proxy vote for you, or did
you just assume no one would do so? A proxy vote does not mean "the person
will vote their way for you", it means they will represent your vote and
your voting intentions.

My perspective: You made a whopping great deal about sweet fuck all (and
continue to do so, with the snarky little jabs in this thread), and didn't
make any effort to stand up for your views when it actually mattered.

- Jeff
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