[Linux-aus] What happened at the SGM?

David Newall davidn at davidnewall.com
Fri Sep 9 14:53:47 EST 2011

On 09/09/11 10:37, Jeff Waugh wrote:
> You couldn't travel to Sydney, but you didn't turn up on IRC? Did you 
> even watch the stream?

We had been told that only people in physical attendance could vote or 
exercise proxies and, as I said myself, well before the election, nobody 
but I seemed particularly to care.  Of course I didn't turn up on IRC.  
What would have been the point?

> Did you actually talk to anyone about holding a proxy vote for you, or 
> did you just assume no one would do so?

As a matter of fact I did assume nobody would hold my proxy, there being 
quite small limits to the number that any person could hold, and at 
least somebody, as I recall, pointing this out in a way that filled me 
with a lack of encouragement.  Even had somebody offered, I wouldn't 
have wanted divided opinions; not with me saying no and everybody else 
saying yes..

> My perspective: You made a whopping great deal about sweet fuck all 
> (and continue to do so, with the snarky little jabs in this thread), 
> and didn't make any effort to stand up for your views when it actually 
> mattered.

I made a big deal about lack of clear and accurate explanations.  Every 
time I found another example the explanations were quietly extended, 
until at the, end the, the clear and accurate explanations I wanted were 
given.  You want to talk about snarky?  You've got quite a nerve to 
attack me like this.  How about we discuss wilful and recalcitrant 
refusal to admit error; shooting the messenger; then, slyly fixing it.  
I stood up exactly when it mattered, which was during the discussion 
phase, and council kept slapping me down.  Had I not stood up we would 
have been asked to vote "changes to effect status quo" with no 
reasonable explanation of what that meant.  I stood up and made a 
difference, it seems, in spite of sustained and personal attack on me.  
What did you do?

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