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Re: [Linux-aus] Goodbye AUUG, hello phoenix

Steven Hanley wrote:

We never have been a kernel obsessed conference, or a "some other
technology" obsessed conference, from CALU onward we have incorporated all
the different interesting and technical components that make this a kick
arse conference.

For the record, when selecting items for LCA2004 we tried to broaden the scope to interesting technical stuff in operating systems that use Linux as a kernel. Which was very well received -- we put the GNOME people in far too small a room for their tutorial and we were lucky enough to sign Keith Packard and have the X.org/XFree spilt just before the conference which lead to a lot of interest. We even asked PJ of Groklaw, before her understandable desire for privacy was so well known; of course, she gracefully said no.

I think the result was well received.

And there is deeply fascinating stuff but immediately relevent stuff
still happening beyond the kernel.  As a trivial example, the
information on operating system boot times and how they did the
visualisation for that was well worth a LCA talk.  And it would
be very interesting to have a string of talks from the various
"init replacement" people. And then there are people that simply
make a nightmare appear sane -- a presentation on internationalisation
would be interesting, or on disability support.