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Re: [Linux-aus] Goodbye AUUG, hello phoenix

<quote who="Jeff Waugh">

> I think we have an awesome opportunity here.

With regards to the linux.conf.au name change, I'm going to go out on a limb
and pony up some suggestions. Gotta kick this sucker off somehow.

 * Phoenix -- I only realised after posting that there was a hidden gem in
   the title. There's not a lot behind this suggestion, but it's cool.

 * Glasnost -- I think this says a lot about what is really going on in the
   community and industry, and reflects on the 'freedom' element that is so
   important at linux.conf.au.

My main reason for posting this is that neither of these suggestions include
'.conf.au' or some horrid combination of 'open', 'freedom' or 'f(l)oss'. We
*can* work with something very different here, as long as it reflects what
we have come to love about linux.conf.au: "the magic of technology, freedom
and community". linux.conf.au was pretty out there at the time, being based
on a domain name that most people wouldn't even recognise as such... We have
lots of room to move if we choose to rebrand. :-)

Importantly, this would be a significant rebranding effort. Don't get too
caught up on 'losing' the brand - sometimes, rebirthing a brand can be more
advantageous, and make more waves, than sticking with the familiar.


- Jeff

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