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Re: [Linux-aus] Goodbye AUUG, hello phoenix

At 2006/9/14 18:53+1000  Jeff Waugh writes:
>  * Phoenix -- I only realised after posting that there was a hidden gem in
>    the title. There's not a lot behind this suggestion, but it's cool.
>  * Glasnost -- I think this says a lot about what is really going on in the
>    community and industry, and reflects on the 'freedom' element that is so
>    important at linux.conf.au.
> My main reason for posting this is that neither of these suggestions include
> '.conf.au' or some horrid combination of 'open', 'freedom' or 'f(l)oss'. We
> *can* work with something very different here, as long as it reflects what
> we have come to love about linux.conf.au: "the magic of technology, freedom
> and community". linux.conf.au was pretty out there at the time, being based
> on a domain name that most people wouldn't even recognise as such... We have
> lots of room to move if we choose to rebrand. :-)

I'd actually prefer that rather than diluting linux from linux.conf.au
and renaming it, that instead additional conferences get added which
specialise in other areas - eg a free culture conference, one that
concentrates more on general open source software, one on business
related issues etc.

I've been to conferences like Software Livre that try to do everything
at once, and I think the specialised conferences work better. They can
afford to be smaller and have more in depth talks and tutorials. In my
experience, the larger conferences feel rather impersonal.

I do think its still a good idea to have talks which aren't directly
related to Linux in the conference to give exposure to related
communities, but these should be of a quality which would normally be
considered the "best of" talks of the other specialised conferences.