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 [Was - Goodbye AUUG, hello phoenix]

I've been watching the debate regarding changing the name of Linux
Australia and the conference to better reflect what it is and what it

I've been watching from the sidelines with very keen interest, given my
role as custodian of linux.conf.au in 2008 and my position on the OSIA

I understand clearly that Jeff is not advocating changing the nature of
the organisation or the conference... just the name. So to misquote
shakespeare: "A rose by any other name would smell as sweet - so LCA
would were it not LCA called, retain that dear perfection which it owes
without that title."

Jeff and I first spoke about the idea of changing the name of the
conference back around the time it was mooted that 'conf.au' may cease
to be available. 

It quickly became clear that conf.au did not seem to be at risk and I
was quoted on ZDnet as saying "Linux.conf.au is our conference brand.
Changing the name would be like asking the Coca-Cola company to give up

Personally - I hope AUUG continues to exist and meet the needs of its
members. I'm not a member, have never been to an AUUG conference, and so
have NO opinion of the organisation, it's governance or its future.

But I hope that AUUG, Linux Australia and OSIA can start to work
together and collaborate on those projects and events for which it makes
sense to do so.

I'm not such a fun of OSCA as a new name direction for Linux Australia.
I think Linux Australia should keep its name, and adopt a by-line that
is more descriptive.

Linux Australia,
National organisation for the FOSS community.
(or something more eloquent)

My gut sense (as opposed to a logical, critical perspective) is that
Linux Australia works as a name - and should continue as it is, but a
by-line might help people understand it embraces more than the kernel.

I reckon we could consider something like 

An Australian and New Zealand Free and Open Source Software Federation
of user, administrator, developer, and business groups. 

(The ANZFOSS Federation)
Something that includes linux australia, open source industry australia,
the lugs and other ugs, the opensource developers club and linuxworld.  

And the new name - need not be an acronym.
I wonder what our combined membership numbers would be? Would we
represent 10,000 people, or more, 100,000?

I believe we share more than we don't with AUUG and SAGE-AU - and so
would want to see links maintained and developed with those orgs too.

As to the conference - from my limited marketing experience, I have
learned that brands do have power and we do have a brand. Changing it
could be brilliant, it could be terrible. 

I'm still sitting on the fence, as I haven't seen a suggestion yet that
makes me go - yeah - that's the name for the conference I'm gunna run in
2008. ;)

I suggested 'Grokfest' to Jeff when we initially discussed this.
But my gut feel says - there's nothing wrong with linux.conf.au, that
said, I'm still open to the potential for change. ;)


Thread name changed because I believe our discussion has nothing to do
with AUUG.

Donna Benjamin
Conference Director linux.conf.au 2008 http://www.mel8ourne.org
Board Member Open Source Industry Australia http://www.osia.net.au
Executive Director Creative Contingencies http://www.cc.com.au