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Re: [Linux-aus] linux.org.au / linux.conf.au

<quote who="Donna Benjamin">

> Linux Australia,
> National organisation for the FOSS community.

That'll piss a bunch of people off. Linux != Free Software & Open Source.

> An Australian and New Zealand Free and Open Source Software Federation
> of user, administrator, developer, and business groups. 
> (The ANZFOSS Federation)

A consortium of existing organisations is interestingish (and we roughly
have it already, with the agreements we've made so far), but none of them
could be regarded as Australia's "peak body" representing the Open Source
and Free Software communities... "Linux Australia" *could* do that, given
its inclusive philosophy, but is hampered by an exclusive name.

> But my gut feel says - there's nothing wrong with linux.conf.au

Sure, quite a few people on this list will be totally comfortable with that
conflation. But it doesn't take much to look beyond our comfort zones and
understand that it *is* a conflation and limits our scope and audience in
ways we never actually intended to in the first place. We *want* to be the
organisation that capably represents the FLOSS community in Australia, but
some of that community won't have us because of our name. We can fix that.

> Thread name changed because I believe our discussion has nothing to do
> with AUUG.

(Yeah, it was just a good catalyst.)

- Jeff

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