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Re: [Linux-aus] OSWA closing

On 9/16/06, skribe <skribe@amber.com.au> wrote:
Hey folks:

I thought this might be of some interest to you.  From one of the staff
at Open Source WA:

OSWA will be closing on the 31st October due to a lack of budget ( seems
  the department failed to budget properly )

        We were due to run until at least the end of the fiscal year ( June
2007 ).   I was going to send an email to all the people we have been
involved with letting them know what was happening, however was hopeful
that I might still be able to persuade them to keep it open.  Seems like
that is not going to happen :{

        We will do an official announcement next week, but yes, we are
closing early :{


Thanks skribe and also for the following link:

I've been told we should constructively voice our support for OS WA
to francis-logan@dpc.wa.gov.au and tell him why we think OSWA's doors
should remain open.

Cheers Janet