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Re: [Linux-aus] linux.org.au / linux.conf.au

On Sun, Sep 17, 2006 at 11:13:11AM +1000, Donna Benjamin arranged a set of bits into the following:
> I understand clearly that Jeff is not advocating changing the nature of
> the organisation or the conference... just the name. So to misquote
> shakespeare: "A rose by any other name would smell as sweet - so LCA
> would were it not LCA called, retain that dear perfection which it owes
> without that title."
> Jeff and I first spoke about the idea of changing the name of the
> conference back around the time it was mooted that 'conf.au' may cease
> to be available. 
> It quickly became clear that conf.au did not seem to be at risk and I
> was quoted on ZDnet as saying "Linux.conf.au is our conference brand.
> Changing the name would be like asking the Coca-Cola company to give up
> Coke".

I'm only looking at the LCA brand here, the "Linux Australia" brand is
seperate in my mind.

However the one alternate name for LCA that has sprung to mind is just
"open.conf.au", "a conference for open community, code & culture". It
could have a footnote of "incorperating linux.conf.au" for the first few
years. The other benefit of this name is that as an acronym it can be
said as "ocker" :-)

(Core team for LCA 2008)

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