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Re: [Linux-aus] linux.org.au / linux.conf.au

Julien Goodwin wrote:

However the one alternate name for LCA that has sprung to mind is just
"open.conf.au", "a conference for open community, code & culture". It
could have a footnote of "incorperating linux.conf.au" for the first few
years. The other benefit of this name is that as an acronym it can be
said as "ocker" :-)

Folks. You don't toss away a brand with a profile like linux.conf.au. You'll only spend the next X years explaining that open.conf.au is really just a changed name for linux.conf.au and the benefits for the debased "open" tag [1] don't justify that cost.

A respected brand is one of the most valuable things you can have.
Don't stuff it up, build upon it.  Even if that means that you
explain that LCA is predominately but not exclusively about Linux
(and a talk about Rockbox would be really interesting).

 [1] what today isn't "open", even stuff from microsoft.