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Re: [Linux-aus] Can Linux Australia survive?


The thing is taking place in New Zealand, correct? New Zealand and Australia are not the same country, correct? Thus - LCA is incorrect.

I can hold something called LINUX TIMBUCTOO in New York and it would still be called LINUX TIMBUCTOO. You really don't get it.

You can call it linux timbuctoo, but if it is held in NY, that doesn't make it correct, or even true. In fact, I believe that would make it a fallacy, and would be false advertising.

You've just proved, once again, that you don't get it. Seriously.

Did it ever occur to anyone that labeling it "Linux Conference Australia", yet holding it in New Zealand, makes Linux Australia look fuckin stupid?!

Actually, I've always known it as:

* Linux.Conf.Au

But more affectionately as:


There's a significant branding in the name but the branding means more to me that it's a good developer's conference which happens to be held in the region that I am in.

Here is a proverb someone once told me which goes like this: "If someone's actions appear to be malicious however there is also a likelihood those actions were committed out of ignorance or stupidity, assume ignorance first, stupidity if they do know and malice only if it can be proven.".

I'll just assume that you can't read anything that anyone says to you - which makes this e-mail rather redundant - then start assuming the rest.

It's really too bad that it seems people (on this list) can't disagree without being censured, or labeled stupid and ignorant because of it.

I beg your pardon? You don't understand, you have consistently refused to understand and...

I have not once replied in any other way but a courteous tone (besides me reply above). People here have even replied in outright lies ("New Zealand is really two states of Australia"), and refused to admit the truth.

Now you accuse people here of having lied and refused to have admitted the truth.

I have not once spoken anything but the truth, I have never made a personal attack, nor questioned anyones "reputation". Yet I get censured, and can't reply. One reason why I had no problems moving away from the US is because my government is doing this very thing.. stifling dissent.

For the record, I'm not silencing or stifling dissent. If you want to accuse me of that can you do so in a public newspaper or on the public news? And if you insist on branding me a liar by association with an organisation that I happen to be a member of, can you do that in a public newspaper or on the public news? And if you insist on arguing ad absurdum - and noone here takes the bait so you get even more absurd - give up because you will, I assure you end up making yourself look more stupid than you actually are (if indeed you are stupid :P).

Your behaviour, your self righteousness and reliance on rather petty, legalistic definitions only serves to alienate you more from the mass majority of the open source community in Australia who generally have the sense, wisdom and intelligence to understand the bigger picture and what an LCA means. You're not going to change a thing by wading in and basically making an ass out of yourself and then wondering why - eventually - someone who is known to be blunt and to the point, points it out.