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Re: [Linux-aus] Can Linux Australia survive?

Dear Lorn,

I have been watching this for a while now and you seem to be stuck on a name and not the purpose of the conference.

The conference brings people together from all over the world to listen and speak and chat and generally discuss things about linux, software, hardware and you name it. It is a gathering of IT people to enable the sharing of ideas not a "we own it so we do not want to share it" conference.

If open source software was not shared then we would not have the community we have today. This is another thing that the conference is all about, community. The open source community knows no physical bounds, no race, no colour it is an electronic community sharing ideas for the purpose of improving IT. Why would we not share a conference with a close neighbouring country that has had ties with us for many years.

While I can see your concern about a name I do not feel that you are focusing on the real purpose of the conference and would hope that you think about what is trying to be achieved by the conference rather than who owns it.

Yours sincerely

David Ruwoldt

Lorn Potter wrote:

Anthony Towns wrote:

Lorn Potter wrote:

Jon maddog Hall wrote:

I am all for Linux Australia helping Linux New Zealand.

Good. It is settled then. Lorn votes to hold the LCA conference in New Zealand.

Nice try. Then it isn't LCA, but LCNZ.

I'm sorry, but this is completely incorrect. The conference Dunedin are running is LCA. Thankyou for your time and concern.

Lets see now. Dunedin is in what country? Australia? or New Zealand?

Thats what I thought. and this is my whole point.

-- David Ruwoldt Lead Systems Architect Information Technology Services Level 7, 10 Pulteney St ADELAIDE UNIVERSITY SA 5005 AUSTRALIA

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