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Re: [Linux-aus] Can Linux Australia survive?

On Monday 04 July 2005 15:33, Lorn Potter wrote:
> Leon Brooks wrote:
>> Given your persistent refusal to admit that it might possibly in
>> any way _be_ honouring its own charter, I ask, why would I want to
>> vote you in? Go ahead, make my day, convince me!

> That would be rather funny to have an American running linux
> australia.... but no, I am not planning to run, I have too less time
> to do things I like anyway.

Hmm. The Act that LA is registered under might forbid it, but I have no 
personal problem with an American on Committee if that's the best 

> How about everyone else's refusal to admit that it might actually
> look bad to have Linux _Australia_, move linux.conf.au (notice the
> .au in there??) to .nz (even for one year), or that it might go
> against what the published "Charter" says is Linux Australia's
> purpose.

Yes, I have no problem with that. To some people (including me), having 
an LCA in NZ looks odd. However, we are not _moving_ the conference 
anywhere. It doesn't have a location, as such.

> "Linux Australia helps individuals to realise their potential and
> supports them in events and schemes to support and help the
> Australian Linux community."

> I do not see any mention of the word "International", "overseas" or
> "New Zealand" anywhere on that document.

Nor do I see any words at all about the location of said events of 
schemes. We could legitimately charter a 'plane and hold the conf on 
Christmas Island (which is part of Australia, albeit a long way from 
here), or in China or Cuba.

You haven't answered any questions about vested interests. Since you 
only joined the list on Wednesday, I'm dying to know why and how it was 
that you became involved in the discussion.

Cheers; Leon

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