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Re: [Linux-aus] Can Linux Australia survive?

On Mon, Jul 04, 2005 at 06:03:59PM +0800, Leon Brooks wrote:
> On Monday 04 July 2005 15:33, Lorn Potter wrote:
> > Leon Brooks wrote:
> >> Given your persistent refusal to admit that it might possibly in
> >> any way _be_ honouring its own charter, I ask, why would I want to
> >> vote you in? Go ahead, make my day, convince me!
> > That would be rather funny to have an American running linux
> > australia.... but no, I am not planning to run, I have too less time
> > to do things I like anyway.
> Hmm. The Act that LA is registered under might forbid it, but I have no 
> personal problem with an American on Committee if that's the best 
> option.

I distinctly recall a Canadian candidate running for comittee on at
least on occasion. I think the time I am recalling was at the LCA in
Perth. Unfortunately I don't recall his name, nor weather he was
successfull or not, but I believe that the consideration given to his
eligability at the time was that if he was a member he was eligable for
election. I also believe at the time he was residing in Australia, so it
seems his capacity to be a comittee member was not in any way related to
his nationality. I also seem to recall he got quite a number of votes.

> > How about everyone else's refusal to admit that it might actually
> > look bad to have Linux _Australia_, move linux.conf.au (notice the
> > .au in there??) to .nz (even for one year), or that it might go
> > against what the published "Charter" says is Linux Australia's
> > purpose.
> Yes, I have no problem with that. To some people (including me), having 
> an LCA in NZ looks odd. However, we are not _moving_ the conference 
> anywhere. It doesn't have a location, as such.

As for the location issue, I agree fully with Martin Pool's remarks.  I
see no evidence that having LCA in New Zealand will not benifit the
Australian linux community. If you must think in Australia/New Zealand
terms, think of it like a trade mission.