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Re: [Linux-aus] Can Linux Australia survive?

Lorn Potter wrote:

"Linux Australia helps individuals to realise their potential and supports them in events and schemes to support and help the Australian Linux community."

I do not see any mention of the word "International", "overseas" or "New Zealand" anywhere on that document.

You've made your point, a number of times, and I suspect that the vast majority of those who have read them all, understand your concern.

This is however, quite an old issue. As previously mentioned, it's been in active discussion, beyond the LCA committee & lists even, since LCA Adelaide - the beginning of 2004.

In a few superficial ways it may look odd - it *does* look odd, but it is *not* odd. It's not a whim. It's not a mistake.

The Kiwi's who have made a decent effort to attend all the Australian linux.conf's will do a fine job, and after having done one, they'll be much more reluctant to ask for another.

There is far more to be gained than lost by having an LCA 2006 in Dunedin.

Now please, back away from that horse corpse, it's beginning to rot.