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Re: [Linux-aus] Can Linux Australia survive?

James Purser wrote:
Part of your previous post included a statement to the effect that
sponsors would drop the conference because of "trust issues" however
here you seem to take it as read that sponsors don't care.

The trust issue might play an important role if lca wants to grow, I would think.

Why would I want to run an organization that can't honour it's own charter?

See here I have a problem. If all you are going to do is complain about
the way things are done and are not willing to put in the time to "fix"
the problems as you see fit, then we are going to have to agree to
disagree on this issue and it would be best to end this cyclic thread.

ok, how to fix:

1) Amend the Charter and name to include 'International', or 'New Zealand', or 'Commonwealth', or 'Anzacs'.

2) Change the name of this years LCA (which it's not, it's LCNZ), and admit there is no LCA this year. Refocus Linux Australia back to the Linux Community in _Australia_.

-- Lorn 'ljp' Potter Trolltech Qtopia Community Manager irc.freenode.net #qtopia http://qtopia.net