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Re: [Linux-aus] Can Linux Australia survive?

On  3 Jul 2005, Lorn Potter <lpotter@trolltech.com> wrote:

> You guys all seem to be ignoring the fact that Linux Australia is 
> staging a conference in a different country, and more than one person 
> questions this.
> I don't see how anyone can think that having LCA in NZ can actually be 
> "helping the Australian Linux Community" at all. 

We're helping them have a conference in Dunedin.

LA might validly want to help the NZ or international Linux community,
or the broader free software community, but leave that for the
moment.  Consider only the Australians going to Dunedin -- I'd expect
perhaps 50% of the audience.  Here is how lca06 helps them:

* The Australian Linux Community wants a cool technical conference,
  with enthralling speakers, good atmosphere, fun events, etc etc.
  That is a lot of work and requires an organized and committed team;
  Dunedin has it.

* International speakers are both informative and a draw-card; Dunedin
  is a good attraction for them.
* People like to bring partners or family to the event, and
  take holidays before or after.  Otago is a beautiful place to visit.

* Dunedin is reasonably cheap and fast to reach.  Most people who can
  afford the time and money to travel interstate for a week can also
  travel to Dunedin.  Yes, it is a bit more expensive but hopefully
  it'll be in a more central location next year.

* Connections to NZ benefit the Australian community.

> You are helping New Zealands Linux community, which is fine. Did you
> ever think it may actually be hurting Linux Australia to do this?

It sounds like the alternative was to not have an lca06 at all.  I
don't see how that would be better.