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Re: [Linux-aus] Can Linux Australia survive?

Lorn Potter wrote:
On Mon, 4 Jul 2005 12:12 am, Anthony Towns wrote:
aj, who finds it odd that an ex-pat American working for a Norweigan
    company is telling Australians they're not isolationist enough about
    New Zealand :)
that is rather amusing... :)
It's not about isolationism. It's about focus. On the onset, the focus of Linux Australia would appear to be Australia, but its more than that - its focus is now Linux Anzacs. Nothing wrong with that - if thats the stated focus of Linux Australia. But it's not. Linux Australia doesn't seem to be living up to it's own Charter.

Technically the charter is focussed on the Linux Community more than Australia; see http://www.linux.org.au/about/charter. 100% of the vision, and 50% of the mission isn't specific to Australia at all.

That said, TTBOMK, whether New Zealanders would benefit wasn't considered in the decision of the venue at all; the question was of the available venues, which would host be best able to host a great conference that Australian Linux hackers could attend. I believe the sole competing bid withdrew on the basis that they'd significantly benefit from another year's preparation.

You're welcome to disagree with that decision, and you're welcome to prepare an "I told you so" banner, but, again ttbomk, you're mischaracterising the way the decision came about.

The original announcement was at the LA AGM in January and included some comments about the bidding process. It's minuted here:


Going forwards (heh), the recent F2F meeting includes some notes on who's looking at bidding for LCA2007. See:


It's highly unlikely we'll take votes; if there's a team you'd particularly like to see be successful in hosting an LCA, the best way to help that along is to assist the team in whatever way you can.


Anthony Towns <secretary@linux.org.au>
Secretary, Linux Australia Inc