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Re: [Linux-aus] Can Linux Australia survive?

Hi all,

> >As I understand it NZ made a bid for the conference themselves thus
> >removing the argument that we're moving in on some other organisations
> >territory.

Something that hasn't really been mentioned yet is that there were only
really two bids for that year. Melbourne and New Zealand. Quite simply there
was more support for and organisation done for NZ. See below:

- Many of the regular international speakers were very supportive of NZ
- Many Aussies thought it would be a good idea
- Melbourne was not very well organised, and a well organised conf in NZ was
  the lesser evil
- It has already proven to have reinvigorated interest from many places to
  run it in Australia, a kick in the pants can sometimes be a good thing :)
- Improving our relations with the NZ Linux community is pretty important,
  especially now when we are both have to deal with weird FTAs, and our
  legal systems are fairly similar. It was a good opportunity to improve
  relations which will be good for the Aussie community
- The main organiser from NZ is an LCA regular, and had found through his
  conversations with many people at LCAs that there was a lot of support for
  the idea

I think that between it all, it seemed a good idea, and although there were
certainly a few people against it, _MOST_ people have been pretty excited
about it, and it has inspired them to run it again locally after NZ.


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