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Re: [Linux-aus] About a User Conference (was...)

Mary Gardiner wrote:
On Wed, Feb 23, 2005, Michael Still wrote:

I would like to volunteer to run such an event. The operational concept is that of "AusLUG". This is a national event styled on a bigger LUG meeting for two days.

A cool idea.

is much simpler than LCA. The concept has room for growth into a fuller conference in future years, dependant on demand. I propose that the event have two streams -- a user stream focused on introductory / LUG grade topics (such as how to install and use Apache, what distribution might be right for you, email environments, how iptables works and how to set it up, that kind of thing)

A proposal that was made to SLUG some time ago and not followed up was to have about six meetings worth of these kinds of talks on video to be shown at each SLUG meeting on rotation (in parallel with a live intermediate/advanced talk). The video of AusLUG would be a good resource for LUGs around the country.

I hadn't thought of that, but yes it would. It's not core to the event, so I would be looking for someone to volunteer to make it happen however...

I see my role, if I con enough people into making this happen, to get an event running. Anything else is almost certainly optional and can be retro fitted.



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