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Re: [Linux-aus] LA ctte meeting summary 2005/02/13

On Mon, 21 Feb 2005, Leon Brooks wrote:

On Monday 21 February 2005 01:50, Bret Busby wrote:
2. Reagarding the item regarding possible future Linux User
Conferences, and, with the reference in that item, to the annual
Linux Conference, it is my understanding that the current annual
Linux Conference, superseded what was previously an annual Linux
Users Conference, previously known as the CALU - the Conference of
Australian Linux Users. Could this please be clarified? It appears to
me, that what is being suggested, previously existed, and was
replaced, as it appears that those responsible, adopted the Monty
Python slogan - "And now for something completely different" - ending
the annual Linux Users Conference in Australia, and replacing it with
the Linux Conference (I do not call it Linux Conference Australia, as
it is apparently going offshore in future).

Bret, you're getting pretty dependable about this. I'm afraid we'll have to begin calling you Mr Conspiracy Theory instead.

Make everyone happy, call it CLANZ - Conference, Linux, Australian and
New Zealand?

We could even call the Kiwi instances CLAUNZ - Confrunce, Linex,
Auwstrilia Und Neu Zulund. <G/D/R>

Cheers; Leon

The issue of the conference going offshore, was a small aside.

The issue that was pertinent, was the pre-existence of a conference of Linux Users, which was replaced by the current conference, whatever you may want to call it.

CALU had existed, and was replaced.

There are a number of possible audiences for Linux conferences, and catering for all of these, could probably be done at the same conference, if it was wanted. At present, three (from memory) streams exist at the current conferences.

I can think of four possible audiences - general Linux users, technical Linux Users (eg, ISP's, etc), developers who use Linux and applications that run on Linux (eg, Perl, PostgreSQL, etc), and developers who develop Linux.

This would appear to be an issue for Linux Australia to investigate - having previously had an annual conference of Linux users - the CALU, which was replaced - should another conference of Linux users, be created, and, if so, should it be run as part of an overall Linux conference, for example, as a stream of the conference, or should it be run as a standalone conference, and, should separate conferences be run, for each of the four audiences above, or as streams of a combined conference, and, given that a kind of general Linux users conference is coming up - the one about Linux dessktops, to be held in (I think) Sydney, should all of these possible conferences or streams of a single combined conference, be limited to a particular location (eg, Sydney), or, should they be held at different locations.

And, perhaps, the issue of locations for conferences, and the way that they are decided, should be determined by the membership of Linux Australia, as opposed to being decided by the committee, to reduce disenfranchisement and inability to attend. A possibility, as an example, is a rotational allocation (eg, each state gets to host the conference, once every seven years, for example, in the rotating order Brisbane then Sydney then Canberra then Melbourne then Hobart then Adelaide then Perth then Adelaide (or Darwin) then starting again with Brisbane).Similarly, with the deciding when the conferences are to be held, it may be better for the membership as a whole, rather than the committee, making the decision.

Bret Busby
West Australia

"So once you do know what the question actually is,
you'll know what the answer means."
- Deep Thought,
Chapter 28 of
"The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy:
A Trilogy In Four Parts",
written by Douglas Adams,
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