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Re: [Linux-aus] About a User Conference (was...)

Michael Davies wrote:
Michael Still said:

I am requesting $xxx seed funding from Linux Australia, and the same
amount from AUUG. The reasoning here is to spread the risk of the event,
and maximise the benefits to the community and both groups. In return
both organizations will recieve branding of the event, and half the
profit from the event if there is one. I also need to to receive a
commitment to running the event in a similar shared manner in the future.

Before Linux Australia committed to anything like this, I'd like to see how the LCA2005 / AUUG OSS in Government conference tango worked out. I have no reason to believe that it won't be a resounding success.

Linux.Conf.Au 2004 was a negative data point on the Linux Australia / AUUG
relationship (with the OSS in Government miniconf), so I'd like to see if
both sides are happy with the result of this year's venture before we go
any further on things for future years.

I think we can come up with an oversight model which is sustainable -- that is, both groups can ask the "are you going to go broke" questions, but neither provides extreme guidance over other event specifics, much like LCA itself. (For those outside the LCA process, the LA committee has never specified things like venue, program, colour of tshirts, number of life size Steven Hanley dolls, etc. They're more focused on if the event will make a massive loss, and providing support as the LCA people ask for it.)

I believe, but am willing to be corrected, that the problem with LCA 2004 was there were two groups trying to organize a major event, and that will never work.

There has been almost no friction between the LCA and OCG people this time around. The only times a discussion has been needed are initial negotiations, and some small misunderstandings.

For proposed long-term co-operation like this it may be worthwhile both
organisations providing an opportunity for their memberships to comment
privately on the issue (so that both organisations can represent the
wishes of its members).

For sure, and I request that the relevant committees do so.

I should reinforce that I see LA and AUUG as providing venture capital investment, and some high level guidance, not day to day running of the event.



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