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Russell Coker russell at coker.com.au
Wed Jun 1 21:49:14 AEST 2022

On Wednesday, 1 June 2022 10:39:24 AEST Colin Fee via linux-aus wrote:
> Yep, agree with Peter here re the glasses.  I'm long sighted so I need to
> wear my glasses to work at my computer etc.

I have recently started to wear reading glasses.  The reading glasses I 
currently have were designed to work best at less than 30cm (I mistakenly got 
them made for reading books not computer screens) but now they seem to work 
best at about 35-70cm.

Thanks for all the suggestions, looks like 43" will be a good size.  I'm not 
planning to get a curved monitor as I want to retain the ability to share a 
screen for watching TV etc.




What are good ways of getting monitors cheaply?  So far I've found Kogan to be 
good and I've seen ozbargain and the Dell Ebay store recommended.  I just 
found Harris Technology selling a Phillips 43" monitor on ebay cheaper than 
Kogan sells them.


Some of the cheaper ones have VA displays.  VA is apparently a lot like IPS 
but worse for text, which means bad for anyone who wants to use a monitor for 
coding or sysadmin.

I'm not getting too much into the details on price yet as I plan to buy next 
month for tax reasons.

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