[Linux-aus] 4K monitor sizes

Adam Nielsen a.nielsen at shikadi.net
Wed Jun 1 22:14:34 AEST 2022

> What are good ways of getting monitors cheaply?

Dell often have pretty aggressive EOFY sales, so it's coming up to the
time of the year when these start coming out.  They already have some
monitors at half price:


They often don't stay up for long (the 50% one ends tomorrow) so maybe
keep an eye on the page every couple of days to see if anything
suitable comes up before Jun 30.

> I'm not getting too much into the details on price yet as I plan to buy next 
> month for tax reasons.

From memory the discounts do go away after Jun 30, so you'll probably
have to do the sums and figure out whether it's cheaper to buy it with
the discount, or pay full price and tax deduct it next financial year.

Assuming of course you decide on a Dell, there are plenty of
alternatives too.


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