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Svetlana Tkachenko svetlana.tkachenko at fastmail.com
Tue Aug 31 21:20:44 AEST 2021

Hi Russell

> > > Does that mean this list isn't reaching the sort of people who
> > > want to learn about how to configure Postfix etc
> > 
> > I would be interested in learning this, though, via IRC
> > would be easier than via a audio chat with screen sharing.
> > What is your nick on IRC?
> Services like Jitsi and BBB support text chat as well as audio and video.  
> They also make it easy to share screen contents.  So it's definitely better 
> than IRC for such things.

I would have trouble with audio. People may interrupt me in the middle
of an audio session, or listen to what I say. I do not have any idea how
this is done in other households, here it is easy to hear what I say from
another room and even my neighbour hears every word that I say easily.
Maybe I just need a better mic - I don't know.

> https://gist.github.com/pinkisemils/39d4ded8b1639b6f39dcab15618649f5
> Also IRC use has dropped off following a recent freenode issue, the above is 
> one of many web pages about the topic that I think gives a reasonable summary 
> of the issues without taking too much reading time.

I'm on libera, oftc, efnet, and about 20 other networks. Joining a new one would 
not be a problem for me and I would be happy to help to host an ircd for linuxAU
if this is desired.

> > I have a debian computer at home and a static ip.
> The advantage of a VM over your own PC is that it's in a known state before 
> things start and I can easily login to check things if you have problems while 
> you won't want people logging in to your own PC.

VM is ok, I just didn't use it before properly. I have virtualbox installed.


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