[Linux-aus] Virtual LUG talks - restart

Russell Coker russell at coker.com.au
Sat Aug 28 17:27:59 AEST 2021

I haven't followed up on this issue for a while, the main thing I have been 
stuck on is the issue of coordinating it.  We have groups all around Australia 
with their own meetings on known dates that differ.  One suggestion was to 
have a new meeting on a different date and force everyone to change (that's 
fair but inconvenient for some).

My latest idea is that we could have an Australia wide meeting for the talks 
most suited to a large audience.  Some talks due to a combination of the 
speaker and the topic work well for small groups, you can have great meetings 
that end up as a round-table discussion on how to use the new technology that 
the speaker introduced.  Some talks work well in a format much like a 
university lecture, the speaker says what they want to say, shows pictures 
they want to show, and answers a few questions.

So if we had a fixed time for a nationwide meeting and took nominations for 
the most suitable lecture-format talks from talks that had been given at LUG 
meetings (the first thing that comes to mind is every LUG talk that's a respin 
of a lecture someone gave at LCA) then I think we could have a format that 
works well for a nationwide audience (a large group of people who can't have 
much chit chat on a video link) while the talks that are more of a discussion 
format stay at LUG meetings.

Note that I'm not in any way criticising discussion format talks, I've given 
many of them myself and I'm probably better at that than at lecture format 

The LUV Jitsi server is up to the task of hosting this.  So we need to choose 
a time and day of the month and find lectures.

What do you think?

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