[Linux-aus] hands-on training

Russell Coker russell at coker.com.au
Sun Aug 29 15:01:26 AEST 2021

In the past I've run hands-on training sessions for LUV which have worked out 

I think it's time to do that again over video chat.  The format is that 
everyone gets root access to a VM, documentation on what needs to be done, and 
video chat to discuss problems with it (and the text part of the Jitsi for 
pasting error messages etc).

Here are some of the past topics of hands-on training that I've run:

Debian SE Linux (installation and configuration).

Setting up BTRFS and ZFS with recovery from corrupted block devices and 
testing out the basic filesystem features.

Setting up DNS and a mail server with Postfix and BIND.  This time will 
include IPv6 as I don't have IPv4 public addresses.  Includes extension 
sections on SPF, DKIM, and DMARC.

Other training that I could run:

Setting up LAMP stack with Wordpress as an example.  Covering basics of 
Wordpress setup as well as some of the less obvious LAMP options.  This will 
be with IPv6 or non-standard ports due to lack of IPv4 addresses.

Setting up network monitoring with etbemon and the Prosody Jabber server.

Who is interested in such training?  Previous training has been run on 
Saturdays in the middle of the day, but we could do it at a different time if 
there's demand.

Also I can provide free VMs for anyone else who wants to run such training on 
free software.  You provide the master VM image, a script to make dozens of 
copies with different IP addresses etc, lecture notes, and be ready to talk 
people through problems and I'll provide the VM hosting, video conferencing, 
and tech support for problems with VMs or video conferencing.  Let me know if 
there's something you want to teach.

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