[Linux-aus] RIP Planet LA

Russell Coker russell at coker.com.au
Sat Dec 12 23:42:43 AEDT 2020

On Saturday, 12 December 2020 11:01:44 PM AEDT Jonathan Woithe via linux-aus 
> community.  The main problem with planet.linux.org.au in its previous form
> was that it was running unmaintained software without any active upstream.
> One significant consequence of this is that it was no longer receiving
> security updates.  The cost of continuing to run software like this on a
> public server was deemed too great.

Are there known security issues in Planet Venus?

> > It's good of Russel to volunteer to run a replacement, and I applaud his
> > efforts, but that should be done without requiring the admin team to do
> > ongoing work to support it.
> Indeed.  That said, In my view it would be entirely appropriate to host this
> on LA infrastructure if the volunteers requested it.  LA (through the admin
> team) would handle the provision of the infrastructure, but the volunteers
> would be responsible for keeping the service maintained.

I'm happy to run it on my own hardware, I just need a DNS entry.  No ongoing 
work needed, just a CNAME pointing to lists.luv.asn.au.

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