[Linux-aus] RIP Planet LA

Jonathan Woithe jwoithe at just42.net
Sat Dec 12 22:51:05 AEDT 2020

Hi David

On Sat, Dec 12, 2020 at 06:21:54AM -0500, David Lloyd via linux-aus wrote:
> Just out of morbid interest...what's stopping "someone" (for some definition
> of "someone" -- or a "proper person" which was a running joke on a committee
> I once served on) from administering the *current* setup on the *current*
> servers on the *current* site in the form described by Russel Coker which
> would...well...avoid the need for redirects/DNS changes blah blah blah?

If I understand you correctly, you are effectively asking why Russell's
replacement site couldn't be hosted on the LA server rather than LUV.  There
is no reason why this couldn't be done by suitably motivated volunteers.  If
any LA members are interested in taking this on please get in touch with
council[1] off-list and we'll work though the process.


[1] mailto:council at linux.org.au

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