[Linux-aus] [Grants] Grant request: Linux Australia Contribution to the Promote Drupal Fund

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Sun May 27 16:32:23 AEST 2018

Hi everyone,

This Grant Request was discussed on the Grants list [0] and decided upon
at Council Meeting 24th May.

MOTION by HUGH BLEMINGS that Linux Australia accepts the Grant Request
for Promote Drupal Fund for $AUD 2,500 submitted by DONNA BENJAMIN

Seconded: Cameron Tudball, passed unanimously

The Council noted the previous strong returns to Linux Australia, the
strength of the community in Australia and a desire to 'give back' as
reasons in support of the grant.

Donna, is the Drupal Foundation able to raise an invoice to Linux
Australia for this? 

Kind regards, Kathy

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On 30/04/18 07:52, Donna Benjamin wrote:
> Project name: 
> -------------
> Promote Drupal
> https://www.drupal.org/promotedrupal
> Request: 
> --------
> AU$2500 contribution to the Promote Drupal fund.
> Aim of the project, including any key stages or milestones of the project: 
> --------------------------------------------------------------------------
> The Promote Drupal initiative aims to coordinate the effort and harness the energy of the global Drupal community and shift our focus to the Drupal adoption journey. We aim to help communicate what Drupal is, who it's for, and provide the information evaluators and decision makers need.
> A funding campaign to support the initiative has been launched so that the Drupal Association can hire a marketing coordinator to work with agencies and communities around the world to contribute case studies, user testimonials, how-tos and recipes.  This recognises this work is just as valuable a contribution as code, or event management, which is work the DA actively supports now.
> This initiative has four phases:
> Phase 1: Update Drupal's brand and strategic messaging to connect with new decision makers and influencers
> Phase 2: Provide sales and marketing materials that everyone can use (and translate!)
> Phase 3: Coordinate PR campaigns
> Phase 4: Create "marketing campaigns in a box" to support localized ad and industry event marketing
> This fundraising campaign will support Phase 1 & 2.
> For more information see: https://www.drupal.org/promotedrupal
> How the success of the project will be measured:
> ------------------------------------------------
> The initial goal is to raise $100,000.  So far we have raised $54,000. Reaching the 100k goal will be the primary immediate measure of success for the funding campaign.  More broadly, the success of the Promote Drupal initiative will be measured by steady growth in adoption of Drupal, and increased diversity in attendance at Drupal events.
> Estimated cost breakdown of the project:
> ----------------------------------------
> $100k will largely be spent on hiring a marketing contractor, possibly with some funds reserved for production of marketing collateral (eg. video)
> At this point I don't have access to a detailed budget. LA is being asked to contribute 2.5% to a larger project budget.
> The project team, their credentials and professional capabilities, etc...:
> --------------------------------------------------------------------------
> The Drupal Association supports one of the world's largest open source projects, with over 100,000 contributors actively engaged in the project and thousands of modules hosted on Drupal.org.  The DA team of staff support drupal.org, a website that seem over 2 million unique visits per month, and run major conferences of up to 3000 attendees.
> Person responsible for project:
> -------------------------------
> Megan Sanicki, Executive Director of the Drupal Association
> A statement including a willingness to provide regular project updates on the project:
> --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> Yes. Happy to provide updates.  
> Why should Linux Australia support this project?
> ------------------------------------------------
> Linux Australia has been the auspicing financial sponsor of a number of Drupal events in Australia and New Zealand over many years.  Most of those events have been successful, and returned a healthy surplus, above the auspicing costs.  The Drupal Association has determined that the best way to support the community at this point, is to focus on the adoption journey, this means shifting the focus from the contribution journey, while continuing to support contributors through drupal.org and events.  We're also looking to better support content authors, project managers, and the growing number of marketing professionals around the world, using Drupal to communicate with their audiences, customers and citizens.
> As a board member of the Drupal Association, elected by the community, I don't have a corporate entity behind me capable of making a substantial financial contribution. However, I have already made a meaningful contribution out of my own pocket. This is why I'm asking the legal entity that holds funds for and supports the Drupal community in Australia, to make a contribution on our behalf to the global effort to grow adoption of Drupal.
> - Donna Benjamin
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