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Forwarding here as the subject matter seems like it may have significant
overlap with the interests of people here.

If you're interested in learning more, the meetup is at

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Hi everyone!

Over the past 6 years, I feel very fortunate to have been a part of over
100 OpenStack User Group Meetups across the country and I've had a great
time meeting so many of you. We've watched OpenStack grow and change,
culminating in the Sydney Summit last November (which I can tell you took
quite a bit of work over quite a few years to get to Australia!).

Since well before the Sydney Summit, I've noticed a very obvious change in
the place OpenStack has in the broader Cloud and technology community, and
I feel that we need now lead the way and evolve our group into a more
expansive role. You'll notice that the Vancouver Summit is very solidly
branded and tagged with "Open Infrastructure" literally everywhere.

These days many of us find OpenStack is very much just one of the tools in
our Open Source toolbox, so I propose we evolve AOSUG into an "Open
Infrastructure" User Group and see if we can invigorate our little
community with some more diverse content. Let's include more Open Source
technologies: Open Networking, Open Infrastructure, Open Communities, Open

We can still talk about OpenStack of course, but we can weave in any number
of the myriad of other Open Source projects. I'm also going to encourage an
amalgamation of the recently created sister UG the Australian Open
Networking User Group (AONUG) with ours, and seek the support of the Linux
Foundation's Networking and Cloud Native Computing arms whom I've already
been in regular contact (with my Aptira hat on via Aptira's LFN
sponsorship) to work with us to endorse and support the group across the

The first meetup under the new banner kicks off in Brisbane next week, and
we'll look to scheduling  events in Melbourne, Canberra, Sydney, Adelaide,
Hobart and Perth asap. I'm looking for state side organisers and speakers,
so if you want to host and run a meetup, or you have a topic you'd like to
present at an upcoming event – let me know.

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