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> What do others in the committee and on this list think? Would it help with
> attracting volunteer engagement?
​LA has a definite problem with engagement ​in my experience.  Personally I
have volunteered to assist 2 LCA teams in any capacity; both said yes but
did not follow through.  I also volunteered multiple times to assist with
SysAdmin duties back when LA servers were compromised (2015/2016?).  Part
of LA's response to that incident was to seek additional volunteers, yet
even after I made a face-to-face follow up to my emails, I never received
any reply to my offer.
I have since moved on to other volunteer roles so my offer is now null and
void, but when the call is made requesting volunteers, responses are made
and to never even get a reply is throwing away goodwill in my eyes.
Perhaps it was just me, in which case a "thanks but no thanks"
communication would have been courteous.

So in the spirit of being constructive.... Perhaps LA needs to appoint some
kind of public volunteer manager that can act as a central point for
contact in recruiting volunteers, then facilitate and follow-through on
contact and "on-boarding" of the people that are what make the organization?

My $0.02 GST-free.
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