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Cameron, I think your point about conversational traffic is a really good
one. I've been involved in several communities over time and one of the
best ways I've found to increase volunteer engagement is simply to keep
speaking where I can be heard.

These days most of that goes on using Slack, which is probably not the best
choice for this group, but there are similar good alternatives eg.

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>> What do others in the committee and on this list think? Would it help
>> with attracting volunteer engagement?
> ​LA has a definite problem with engagement ​in my experience.  Personally
> I have volunteered to assist 2 LCA teams in any capacity; both said yes but
> did not follow through.  I also volunteered multiple times to assist with
> SysAdmin duties back when LA servers were compromised (2015/2016?).  Part
> of LA's response to that incident was to seek additional volunteers, yet
> even after I made a face-to-face follow up to my emails, I never received
> any reply to my offer.
> I have since moved on to other volunteer roles so my offer is now null and
> void, but when the call is made requesting volunteers, responses are made
> and to never even get a reply is throwing away goodwill in my eyes.
> Perhaps it was just me, in which case a "thanks but no thanks"
> communication would have been courteous.
> </gripe>
> So in the spirit of being constructive.... Perhaps LA needs to appoint
> some kind of public volunteer manager that can act as a central point for
> contact in recruiting volunteers, then facilitate and follow-through on
> contact and "on-boarding" of the people that are what make the organization?
> My $0.02 GST-free.
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